How does COOP work?

March 25, 2019

COOP is a unique product that is meant to change the way people think about utilizing commercial vehicles. Whether you are looking to rent a truck or have a truck sitting idle, COOP is the solution. We’ll answer a few questions to help you understand the concept.


What is COOP?

COOP is a marketplace to share and rent to commercial vehicles within a network of trusted businesses. It connects business with idle trucks, with other businesses looking to rent vehicles. Just like AirBnB… but for trucks!


How does COOP work?

If you are looking for a rental truck, it’s really simple:

      • Sign up
      • Find a truck near you that fits your needs
      • Request the vehicle and wait for the owner to accept
      • Pick-up the vehicle and pay with a credit card

If you have a truck sitting idle, simply:

      • Sign up
      • List your truck on COOP
      • Review and accept requests from trusted renters
      • Get paid each time someone uses your vehicle


What do I need to sign-up for COOP?

Using COOP is easy. You only need a valid DOT (Department of Transportation) number and a Certificate of Insurance showing at least $1M in liability coverage. Need help signing up? Call us at (877) 747-5352 and a team member will get you setup.


How much revenue can I generate on COOP?

A lot! But it all depends on the type of truck and its availability. With COOP, you can make up to $3,400/month per truck, plus mileage! Use our revenue calculator to see how much your vehicles can generate on COOP.


Why should I use COOP to rent trucks?

COOP is a simple truck rental experience that allows you to simply skip the rental counter. There are plenty of benefits for having a COOP account:

      • It’s free to sign-up and you only pay when you rent
      • When your rental company doesn’t have trucks available, chances are we do!
      • We offer competitive prices on all vehicle types (box & straight trucks, tractors, trailers, reefer vehicles, etc…)
      • You get a FREE Uber ride to pick-up your vehicle
      • You also get 24/7 roadside assistance INCLUDED


Who’s behind COOP?

A group of passionate and experienced people are working tirelessly to make COOP a product you will enjoy using. The company is also backed by Ryder System, a trusted leader in the transportation industry for the past 80 years!

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